Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths are ideal for weddings. First, a photo booth adds an affordable form of entertainment for the family, friends and guests at your wedding. Second, it becomes an incredible tool that adds to your special day. Discover below how wedding photo booth rentals work for special events such as your wedding and reception.

The Benefits of Wedding Photo Booth Rentals

Think fun. That is what a photo booth brings to your reception or your wedding. Guests spend a lot of time sitting around at a wedding, and a photo booth gives them something to do. Pair it with a guest book, and let them have fun with both.

As an activity, a photo booth offers a lot to every event that utilizes one. First, it works on a time basis, and during that time frame, you and your wedding guests can have an unlimited number of photo sessions. One session consists of four photos. The photos print instantly, so guests can keep them as a memento of your wedding. You can have the edge of the photo printed with you and your spouse's names as husband and wife or offer a message of thanks to your guests.

Using a Wedding Photo Booth at Your Reception

At your reception, a photo booth becomes an opportunity for every bride and groom. The opportunity is to create a memory book using the photos from the photo booth and a special guest book that You Plus can provide.

This is an opportunity to create something that is a companion to your wedding album. Your wedding album is an interpretation of your wedding from the eyes of a photographer. Your wedding memory book is a creation of art and love from the perspective of your wedding guests. Along with each set of photos from the photo booth, encourage your guests to write a little note about what they feel about being at your wedding and watching you get married.

A wedding is such an emotional day that a memory book helps guests enjoy the moment even more. This is something that you will treasure, and it works perfectly as a companion piece to the artistry created by your photographer. Since the memory book is not created by your photographer, it becomes a gift that is created with love, hope and best wishes. This is powerful. Not every day of married life is perfect, but this book can be a source of inspiration as your marriage evolves. It can have a power that takes you back to that moment, and it is a power that speaks to you in the voices of all the people who love you. It is how they see you and know you that makes this so powerful. For that reason, a wedding photo booth should be an essential part of every wedding.

A Photo Booth Offers Value

Wedding photo booth rentals are affordable, and include two hours of photo taking and endless photo sessions. You pick the background, so whatever you choose fits into your wedding theme. The pictures print instantly, which means that guests can participate in your memory book without fuss. You can add time in blocks of an hour as needed. You can also add a flex hour, because every event can run late. Our team at You Plus makes reserving a photo booth really simple. You have enough to do planning your wedding and reception; we don't add another worry or burden to your day.

As a professional photo booth company, we have the experience and know-how to add a photo booth to your wedding in a seamless way that is not an intrusion. Instead, it becomes a focal point that brings joy and happiness to you and your spouse.

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