Photo Booth Rentals

in Portland and Vancouver

What if there was a way to inject fun and whimsy into a party? There is, and it is affordable too. Photo booth rentals in Portland and Vancouver are perfect for all kinds of parties and special occasions. Here is a look at how a photo booth might improve your next event.


A photo booth at a wedding is the perfect tool for capturing a photographic record of all of the guests. The affordable price makes it cheaper than hiring a photographer to do that, and the photos print instantly in strips and are easy to a guest book or memory book.


Photo booths at a graduation makes an excellent opportunity for students and teachers to create meaningful memories. This may be the last opportunity to create a keepsake that makes looking back an amazing adventure. With a You Plus photo booth, there are unlimited photo sessions and the pictures print instantly. The pictures are also available digitally so for that class reunion the before and after shot becomes pure entertainment.

Holiday Parties

Whether a personal party or a corporate holiday party a photo booth offer an opportunity to share the holidays and create memories, especially if the party is for someone like grandma. Add a guest book and photo strips for an instant memory book. The optional party props table can help to add character. This is also a great way to share the holidays with relatives that are out of town.

Proms & School Dances

A photo booth at a school dance is an excellent way to get people involved. Friends can take pictures together. Singles can ask to take pictures or talk about the photo booth. It is a great way to start conversations and get the festivities moving in a positive direction.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Quinceaneras

What a great place to create fun memories for the younger crowd and a spectacular place to create photos that moms and grandmothers will treasure. With the unlimited photo sessions, everyone can have a picture or ten.

Birthday Parties

A photo booth at a birthday party is appropriate for people of all ages. It offers a fun and festive flair to the traditional party. The table of party props makes the entire scene fun and with unlimited photo sessions the fun never stops.

Anniversary Parties

Anniversaries are special occasions, and a photo booth is an excellent tool to create something as precious as a wedding album. Add a guest book and let people sign it and include photographs of themselves. That project becomes an ongoing celebration for years, and something people can treasure.

Family Reunions

A photo booth at a family reunion is an excellent way to create a before and after remembrance keepsake. It is fun and bridges the gap between families that live apart and who don't see each other every year. Spice up your next family reunion with photo booth rentals.


Half of the fun of going to conventions is meeting new people. What better way to remember the new people you meet and also to network than with a photo booth. Like at other events a photo booth can really start conversations and get the convention moving.

Corporate Events

A photo booth at a corporate event becomes a tool of marketing. It is a way to get people together. The photos are shareable on social media platforms such as Facebook or Pinterest adding a marketing flair to your event.

High School Reunions

A photo booth at a high school reunion is just fun. Old friends get to relive the old days. Because pictures are printed instantly, everyone can take home a souvenir of a reunion.

Charity & Fundraisers

A photo booth at a charity function helps break the ice, adds a bit of levity, and can really get people in the spirit of giving. Like corporate events, the photos are available digitally and can be shared on social media to help drive awareness of the event or donations to the event.

As you can see, a photo booth rental add a lot of value to all kinds of parties and events. Whether you want to add a fun and festive nature to your party, or you want to turn your event into a marketing opportunity, a photo booth is the way to go.

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