Photo Booth Rentals

Adding a quality photo element to your next party is a simple and easy procedure. Our photo rental process starts with our easy to fill out online form. After that, all you need to do is sign the service contract and make a 30 percent deposit online payment.

Birthdays Pop with Party Photo Booth Rentals

Every birthday is special, and a photo booth is an excellent way to capture the memories as we celebrate each year of life. With unlimited photos, our photo booth becomes the hit of the party. Everyone can have a crazy and fun time making memories. You can also take the party online by sharing your photo gallery to your favorite social media site. If you want to add a fun and festive element to your birthday celebration, a photo booth is an affordable way to glam up your birthday party and entertain your birthday guests.


Anniversaries are special. Use a photo booth to create a memory album that is just as special as the album from your wedding. Add a guest book to your anniversary celebration or a table of props to help inspire levity. A small chalkboard makes the perfect icon to caption any shot with positive phrases like "We Love You."

Because the guest book is easy to turn into a photo memory book, our party photo booth rentals and anniversaries pair up nicely. The photos are available in strips as soon as you exit the booth making them easy to add to the guest book. This is how our photo booth can enhance your anniversary celebration!

Milestone Events Deserve Photographs

What kind of milestone event do you have coming up on the horizon? A lot of people and businesses celebrate work milestones with a party. What about a product launch? That is a worthy event for a party, and a photo booth can enhance the marketability of such an event. All of the photos from our photo booths are available both instantly and digitally. Include these photos in your social media campaigns, as note cards, and thanks to loyal customers, or as part of a wall of inspiration for future projects.

Photo Booths are popular at fundraising events. It is easy for guests to use the photo booth, and that means it is easy for them to make a donation. Plus photos from such an event become marketing gold for future events. A photo booth helps capture the fun and festivities without having to hire a photographer.

Holiday Parties Demand Photo Booth Opportunities

Why not increase the festivities of your holiday party with a photo booth? Since the holidays are a celebration of family and friendship, photos make a wonderful way to capture the joy. Photos are also easy to share, and that means people who are out of town can enjoy your party too.

Party photo booth rentals are affordable and offer options that allow you to customize each photo booth to your party. You get to choose the background and personalize photo strips, so photos match your party theme. The basic package comes with two hours of time, but you can add more time as needed. The optional props make the event more festive and adds a sophisticated flare to the photographs. The photo strips print instantly so your guests can go home with a special holiday gift from you to them.

Whatever type of party you plan, a photo booth adds a touch of fun to your event. Imagine a wedding reception where the guests all celebrate your special day by creating a photo blitz to go with your guest register. How amazing would that be to look back and see all of the love and support that your friends and family had to offer you on your wedding day. A Party photo booth makes an easy and affordable way to enrich your wedding reception with something that is fun, beautiful, and meaningful.

At You Plus, we make it simple and affordable to include the lasting memory of photographs at any party. Our affordable pricing makes this an option for everyone. With easy to add options, you have a way to customize your party and your memories. We even take into consideration that time is not always easy to control. Our Idle Hour option gives you extra time to let your party unfold.

If you are ready to see how party photo booth rentals can boost the fun, glitz, and glamour of your next party, just visit our site and get the party started.

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