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Photo Booth Rentals

Are you looking for some way to spice up a corporate event? Try a photo booth rental as a means to inject fun into your event. Corporate event photo booth rentals are affordable, customizable, and add an element of whimsy to any level of a corporate party or event.

What Can Corporate Event Photo Booth Rentals Do for You?

One of the key things a photo booth rental can do is boost social media attention. Everything in business boils down to marketing and with the positive relationship between social media and photography a photo booth makes perfect sense.

Social media is a powerful tool. Companies use it to create hype around upcoming events by posting pictures and tantalizing headlines to get customers excited about the event. On sites like Pinterest, photographs are the golden ticket to attracting new customers to your company's products. On Facebook, companies use social media to create loyalty by interacting with customers on a personal-professional level. Our Photo Booth can help generate more traffic to your Facebook page when you share photos from the event.

Imagine having a large group of Facebook followers and being able to personally thank them for their patronage by posting photographs of them from one of your corporate events. "Here is Barbara B with our Founder and the winner of our door prize Gareth." That type of interaction and attention is what converts visitors to consumers. That kind of publicity drives customers to your store.

The corporate world is funny. A fun and festive company attracts top talent. Everyone wants to work for a place that has an opportunity to grow and also has fun meeting goals. Corporate event photo booth rentals give you the opportunity to collect marketing options that are golden.

Why a Photo Booth Makes Corporate Sense?

A photo booth draws people in and for a corporate event that is a good thing. Anything that gets people interacting brings life to a party. Use it as a way to break the ice and get conversations going.

When you book a You Plus photo booth, you have options. One of the easiest ways for a corporation to generate leads is with a guest book. For a small price you can put up a lead generator at your next event. Our photo booths are affordable ways for your corporation to gain social media followings, generate leads, attract top talent, and market your products. It is very easy to add a corporate message to the photo booth's photo strips.

Your guests have the opportunity to take unlimited photos and what kind of promotional power are we talking about if each of those photo strips has your name on it? That's pretty amazing and because most people love to have their photos taken the entire marketing process is almost effortless.

If you want an affordable way to boost the entertainment factor at your next corporate event, then our corporate event photo booth rentals is just what you need.

Imagine having a benefit with an auction and using a photo booth to draw in people, break the ice, and get them to start giving.

What do you get when you rent one of our corporate event photo booths?

  • Two Hours of Booth Time
  • Unlimited Photo Sessions
  • Real Time Display of Photos
  • Instant PrintsĀ (Color or B&W)
  • Digital Copy of all Photos
  • Online Galleries for Everyone
  • Your Choice of Backdrop
  • Free delivery in PDX area
Options include:
  • Adding more time
  • Guest book
  • Party prop table
  • An Idle Hour
  • Extra Set of Prints
  • Open Air Booth

How can this not be positive for every Portland business? If you are ready to explore how corporate event photo booth rentals can spice up your next event, increase social media awareness, generate leads, and get the party started, then give us a call or fill out our online form and reserve your photo booth today.

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